Join Me Macau @ One Central

Date: 15th – 25th December, 2017

Extending along the Macau One Central promenade to Wynn Macau waterfront, the “Join Me Macau @ One Central” is available from 15th to 25th December 2017, starting from 3pm to 10pm every night. There are 50 booths set up along the corridor, featuring 7 districts including booths of Food, Arts, and Culture etc. And out of all, it also includes some traditional “craftsmen” of Macau, such as Pastelaria Pun Veng Kei, Ching Kee Millets, Golden Hall Dessert etc. In addition, to create a convenient shopping experience and to promote the use of online payment platforms to locals and visitors, transactions via Macau pass, Alipay, credit cards and Wechat Pay is available at the marketplace. The event also includes a variety of program highlights, which the promenade is set up with a large OLÁ lantern. And also through various types of neon lights to attract the public to take photos with the very photogenic scene. Meanwhile the venue is also set up with different children’s activities , including children trampoline, large claw machine, as well as a variety of traditional carnival games.